Coinbux Script - Best way to start your business online

coinbux :

it is the most powerful script to start your business online , it has all features to start your great project , many features : earning and advertising online script.

we provide multi ways for users to earn with the site

we provide multi ways for advertising on the site


we provide new and unique way for advertising that any user can use advertising features if he has not any balance , but his ads will not appear on the site to encourage users to try adverting on the site.

we had token a lot of times to improve users and admin experience use on the site .

more features on admin panel

  1. PHP Version: 7.2.33
  2. PDO Support
  3. Short Open Tag ==>enabled
  4. PHP Curl.
  5. mysqli extension.
  6. Mail available.

Prepare your host:

     first you have to get good host and domain for the script and here are the most recommended hosting for the script and the script had been tested on them and worked perfectly without any hosting bugs:


 After getting your host and domain :

  Create database for the script. and if you not familiar with databases you can watch this video


Start install the script:

if you faced any problem in installation process feel free to contact us we offer free installing to the script.


Prepare the site setting:

  there are some things you should do after installing to see the site works perfectly without any problems.

Important note

unfortunately in some hosts , they enable stick mode that prevent html input
so you will face problem with update layout setting. and i made a lot to work around that but i failed , any way you can do that manually from phpmyadmin
go to setting table , enable show all , in search, write
custom , you will see setting for custom_css and custom_js .
ads , for right , left , top and bottom ads
Enable_Statics for homepage and dashboard.
but if you need to delete some of statics , you will need to do that manually by going to
staticsHome and staticsUser and delete any table you want to remove

we high recommend you to read this our blog about how to make money from website


we always beside you if you need any help